Assume East Chestnut Regional Health upper management has asked you to analyze its current marketing strategies from both ethical and financial perspectives.

As part of your analysis, you decide to review the following elements of the organization from the perspective of their ethical and financial impact on the organization’s health care marketing strategies:
Mission and objectives: Create the mission and objectives for the organization based on the Case.
What is the organization’s vision?
What is its mission?
What are its values?
What are its strategic objectives?
Organizational structure and culture:
How does the organization’s structure impact its success?
How would you characterize the organization’s culture?
Current marketing strategies:
What are the organization’s current products and services?
How are they priced?
How are they delivered to consumers?
How are they currently promoting their products and services?
Current financial analysis:
What currently makes the organization profitable? What is its current profit margin?
How large is the market for the organization’s current products and services? Is it expanding or contracting? What share of the market does the organization currently hold?
How do physical and technological resources impact its profitability?
Competitive Advantage:
What competitive advantage does the organization currently have?
How does it differentiate itself in the market?
Current value chain analysis:
What are the key elements of your organization’s value chain?
How does each element in the value chain help the organization succeed?
Which factors must be taken into consideration when analyzing the organization’s value chain?
How does the organization build value within the market?
Current target market:
Who is the organization’s current target market?
What are the demographics, such as age, income level, and ethnicity, of current consumers?
What are current consumers’ values, attitudes, and lifestyles?
External Environmental Factors: Summarize the impact of these factors on ECRHS.
Create a 1,050-word Financial and Ethical Impact Analysis for ECRHS’s current health care marketing strategy for upper management, based on the above factors.