back surgery

The patient had back surgery. During the interview, the patient indicates to the nurse that he has had a little moisture on his back and has been using tissues to clean and scratch his back. He also has more pain in the incision. The patient attributes his symptoms to the orthopedic equipment that was placed on his back because, according to him, it “makes me sweat and itches.” His daughter noticed that the incision was red and that she had a small amount of yellowish drainage coming from the wound area. The patient was referred to the surgeon and the back wound was incised and drained.

1-What data should the nursing professional include when evaluating the wound for signs of infection?


2-If the patient developed a systemic infection as a result of localized wound infection, what findings would you expect to find? Explain your answers.


3-What infection control methods should be used when caring for the post-operative patient to reduce risks?


4-It reflects on how each of the phases of the nursing process can be applied to manage the patient’s health problem.