Capstone project -PICOT question

  1. Clinical Background:

I have been a nurse-RN since 2009. I have background in various clinical cares such as hospital, doctors’ office, community nurse and hospice . My broad range of clinical care enables me to offer respect to diverse groups of patients based on their concerns.

  1. Current Work Site:

Currently I work  as an MDS nurse, wound care nurse and Infection Preventions at a skilled rehab, assisted living, and Long-term care  facility in Columbus, Ohio. I take care of the patients who are 60 years and above. Our  rehab provides physical, speech and occupational therapy. We help people regain their strength and mobility so they can return home safely after a hospitalization or surgery. Long term care and assisted living we provide a 24 hours per day care for people with disabilities and elderly individuals who cannot care for themselves.

Learning Objectives: What do you wish to accomplish as an FNP graduate?

As an FNP graduate, I would accomplish the following:

-I would like to educate the patients on their healthy living and ways of preventing diseases

-Treating the health issues categorized as the primary care

– To order and perform the screening and the diagnostic medical examinations

-Making  appropriate referrals to the Social Services, Clinical Hotlines, and Behavioral Health

  1. PICO Questions? Areas of Interest:

In older persons over the age of 65 who do not have vitamin D insufficiency or osteoporosis (P), would the adoption of multifactorial therapies be more beneficial (I) than the conventional PT for improving the scores (C), involving increased activity decrease the number of falls per 1000 patient days (O) within 120 days (T)?


  1. Favorite Colleagues, Who Could Help You with Your Interests?

The study’s target population will be community-dwelling seniors over 65 without a history of osteoporosis or a low in vitamin D. Falls seem to be a significant factor in the high incidence of injuries and fatalities among Americans in this age range. Thus, these colleagues will help me:

Physicians, Floor nurses, Dietician, Therapists, Social worker, and Nurse practitioner

Anticipated Date for Graduation:  2023