Case Study Instructions

Case Study Instructions

Regagonomics: Impact and Legacy

This case highlights the use of supply side economics and tax cuts.  This ideology was referred to as by George H.W. Bush as “voodoo economics.”  The legacy, also touted in the recent Trump administration, was known as “Trickle Down economics.”



  1. As noted in the case, University of Chicago economist, Milton Friedman advocated a flat tax. What is a flat tax?


  1. How does a flat tax impact economic growth?


  1. How is it different from Keynesian philosophy?




-Please use the sources I upload

-The citations from the sources included MUST be including within the writing NOT by the end.

-Please answer each question separately.




1.Case Study ” Regagonomics: Impact and Legacy ”

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  2. AACF Consumption Based Tax Proposal.