Case Study One:


Case Study One:

  1. A nursing case study: The following case study illustrates an oncology setting at a hospital. The nursing team is composed of a Nurse Manager nurse who is in charge of the unit and 11 staff nurses. There are five experienced registered nurses who have worked in the service for about 9 years, and six new registered nurses. Although it seems that staff nurses and the Nurse Manager work together in perfect harmony, conflict occurs between them. An excess of authority and power on the part of the leader (Nurse Manager) appears to be the main source of conflict in the service. However, no member of the nursing staff seeks to bring up this uncomfortable situation, as they are concerned about losing their job or making matters worse.


Students will discuss in presentation:

Case Study 1

-Define and Identify Conflict Resolution Strategies.

-Develop strategies for the nurse to use in this situation.

-Is Avoidance an effective conflict resolution technique- why or why not?

-Why do nurses use avoidance?

-How does interprofessional communication impact conflict?

-Using the case presented- what impact does “conflict” have on the following concepts, develop examples: