Nurse Advocates for Social Justice

Directions:  Paragraph 1 = Introduction that defines social justice  Paragraph 2 & 3 = Discuss at least one governmental regulation that promotes inequality and health disparity of vulnerable populations/groups  Paragraph 4 & 5 = Discuss unequal treatment for certain populations and groups due to institutional (including healthcare institutions) and inter‐social  Paragraph […]

Me describing my struggles in detail

Describe how it affects me daily. Please express feelings and emotions and examples that I go through for each condition. Conditions and the effects on my life some of these conditions has me going to the Medical Clinic a few times a year either pain or mental state of mind.   Drop foot Purchase clothing […]

Creating change through advocacy

Rubic criteria: Problem: in no more than 250 words Describe a health care problem that has the capacity for advocacy through legislation and the consequences if the issue continues. Research the issue: in no more than 250 words. Identify a minimum of three research studies, reports, or similar pieces of legislation passed in other states […]

Applying Research Skills

Create a 3-5 page annotated bibliography and summary based on your research related to best practices addressing a current health care problem or issue. Introduction In your professional life, you will need to find credible evidence to support your decisions and your plans of action. You will want to keep abreast of best practices to […]

Develop an outline for your marketing plan

Scan the marketplace and identify a product or service that you feel would benefit from a marketing plan Develop draft content for the Company Profile section of your plan. In this section of your marketing plan, you will answer the question: What organization are you marketing? Follow these standard formatting guidelines for your Marketing Plan […]

Readmission into Chamberlain University’s Masters of Nursing program

I am writing this letter to appeal the denial decision for readmission into Chamberlain University’s Masters of Nursing program. I am requesting readmission into the upcoming November semester.   This letter is to address the reason given for the denial of reinstatement by Channan Pondexter 6/21/19.   This attachment specifically addresses my plan for academic […]

SWK 208-Lesson 3 Assignment 

  Patricia is a 17-year-old, Caucasian female who was referred to a Social Worker by her probation officer. Patricia was arrested after she and a few friends attempted to rob a neighborhood store and Patricia was court-ordered to meet with a Social Worker. Patricia has a history of angry outbursts, is defiant, and often argues […]

Weekly Assignment #1

For this assignment, you are to read the below article and write a 500-word summation if you agree or disagree with what was stated in the article. From criminology to a sociology of deviance The state of criminology in the quarter century after World War II is an important reference point in understanding the reticence […]

Selecting a communication goal

Required Resources Read/review the following resources for this activity: Textbook: Chapter 1, 2, 3, 5 Lesson Week 1 CCC Part 1 TemplateLinks to an external site. (This template MUST BE used to complete the assignment.) Minimum of 1 outside scholarly source (in addition to the textbook/lesson) Introduction: Communication Change Challenge (CCC) Part 1 If there […]

a letter of complaint

Choose one of these three topics and write a response.  There is no certain length it should be. Submit the document you write in response as a Word file and as an attachment to be uploaded to the Drop Box.  Do not copy and paste it into the Drop Box.  Do not submit a .pdf. Write a letter of […]