Chapter 52 Concepts of Care for Patients With Inflammatory Intestinal Disorders

Case Study

Mr. Yo has recently traveled to Mexico on vacation. While there on his last morning of vacation, he ordered a large cheese and spinach omelet. He flew home that afternoon, and by midnight, Mr. Yo became very ill and sought emergency care.

Question 1

What symptoms would the nurse recognize that are consistent with food poisoning?


Question 2

Mr. Yo is diagnosed with food poisoning (suspected salmonellosis). The physician treating Mr. Yo has given orders that he can be discharged home to rest while the symptoms abate. Moaning, Mr. Yo asks, “How long am I going to feel like this, and why aren’t you going to give me something to feel better?” How should the doctor and/or nurse respond to Mr. Yo’s question?


Question 3

Which additional symptoms should the doctor and/or nurse describe that would indicate that Mr. Yo should seek continued treatment?