Choose one of the topics below based on an experience you encountered in your assigned care area. Work with your clinical instructor for the due date and which topic is most appropriate for you.

Write a 3-page paper answering the questions listed under each topic utilizing APA format. There is no reflection due the week you turn your paper in.

You must include at least 2 references (one of them must be from a textbook). “I” statements will be accepted due to the nature of this assignment. The papers should be comprehensive, show critical thinking, and follow the rules of academic writing. A key element of the paper is your evaluation of the patient’s status.

You must have a title page and a reference page

You must provide a copy of the scoring rubric with your APA paper

Option #1:
Plan of Care
1. Briefly describe how your patient’s pathophysiology– including signs and symptoms, treatments, and interventions– are similar or different from your reading and why. Be sure to include priority treatments and interventions from a holistic perspective.

2. Describe your activities/interventions with your patient today.

3. Evaluate the effectiveness of these treatments and interventions. How did your patient/family respond to your interventions? Were any barriers encountered? Is there anything you would do differently if you had the chance?

4. Relate your reading/lecture/theory to this clinical experience. Cite your source(s).

Cite your source (s)
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