Internet of Things (IoT)

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For each of the four Discussions in this course, you will post one thread of at least 275 words. The discussion forums in this course require a high level of thought and investigation on a number of important topics and related questions. Your posts must demonstrate course-related knowledge from the assigned readings and presentations and you are to support your assertions with at least two scholarly research articles in APA format. Sources cited must have been published within the last five years. Important ideas from the assigned weekly reading in the textbook may be used as one of the required references for your initial post.

For each Discussion, you will also post two replies to the posts of others of at least 150 words. Each reply must incorporate at least one scholarly research article in APA format. Source cited must have been published within the last five years. The assigned reading from the textbook may be used as the required reference for replies.

(MLO: A, B, F, G)

Much is being said about the Internet of Things (IoT) but there is little focus on education regarding the possible opportunities and threats of IoT. From smart homes, to smart cars, to wearable technologies such as the Fitbit, current trends suggest that, regardless of what the “thing” is, if it can be connected to the Internet, it will be connected and soon. In a number of sectors, settings, and fields the convergence of different technologies working together through IoT to solve problems is being harnessed to improve outcomes. Few would argue that IoT has significant potential to impact how we live and work, yet there are many complexities surrounding the data that is being collected from everywhere on almost everyone.

What does the IoT mean for education? What beneficial outcomes might exist? What forms of exploitation or threats might need to be considered? Integrate content/thoughts/concepts from a minimum of 2 research articles into your initial post.