key issues facing the nursing profession

Write at least 2-3 page paper explaining and defining the following issues. You should discuss the key issues facing the nursing profession as well as “the essence of nursing” and a return to those ideals.

1. Explain the critical importance of nursing leadership. Provide a comprehensive explanation of the critical importance of nursing leadership.

2. Consider the issues of staffing, nursing shortages, and the aging population. describe the issues: Provide a thorough description of the issues in nursing practice.
and explain the factors that contribute to each. provide a comprehensive explanation of the factors that contribute to the underlined nursing issues.

3 Describe what is meant by “the essence of nursing” and how it aligns to nursing leadership and empowerment. So what is the essence of nursing? It’s what some people call “high-touch” nursing, where the nurse has plenty of face-to-face time and a personal connection with patients and their families. In a sense, the essence of nursing is the very heart of nursing.

4 Describe how new nursing students can make an impact in the profession of nursing in various ways. Community Focused Education ( just to give you an idea)

Community Focused Education
Nursing education is unique in its dual focus on individual care as well as population health and community nursing. Nurses are educated to consider the individual, family, and community in designing and evaluating nursing interventions. Smith (2007) argued that due to the emphasis on relationships and caring within the profession, nursing is the profession uniquely and best equipped to lead in the reduction of health disparities. Nursing education plays a key role in preparing nurses for leadership roles in moving the U.S. toward a focus on social determinants of health. For example, nursing education often incorporates service learning as a means of integrating social justice into the nursing curriculum and has been found to have a positive impact on leadership and social-justice skills among nursing students (Groh, Stallwood, & Daniels, 2011). Baccalaureate nursing programs are charged with preparing nurses to “advocate for social justice, including a commitment to the health of vulnerable populations and the elimination of health disparities” (American Association of Colleges of Nursing [AACN], 2008, p. 26).