Liver Transplant

Jim’s liver seems to be failing for the second time after transplant since he started drinking again. Although he has remained sober for about nine months, his liver is severely damaged. Since he has stopped taking alcohol, he should be placed on the transplant for the second time to receive a new liver. Jim was faced with challenging issues involving the loss of his youngest son and wife through a motor vehicle accident. This justifies why he restarted drinking as an attempt to seek to relieve the unbearable situation. He suffered many problems that made him lose hope in life and lack the meaning of life. The impact caused a detrimental impact psychologically, socially, and emotionally.

On the ethics committee, questions I would have answered include whether the patient is still taking alcohol, whether there is a kidney match, and whether the donor is willing to donate. In this case, the patient is no longer consuming alcohol since he has been sober for nine months. Besides, his child is a match and is willing to save the life of the father. In this regard, it is ethical to assist those in need and allow others who are willing to offer support to achieve their objective (Leon, Varon & Surani, 2016). It is not justifiable to deny a son who is willing to donate an organ to his father.

Although the father damaged the first donated liver through excessive consumption of alcohol, his child should know that his father was facing issues that were beyond his control and affected his wellbeing. Losing a wife and son is not an easy thing and one can end up engaging in acts that compromise the health and quality of life.

Ethically, a child should not let his parent suffer particularly when there is something that can be done to save the situation. Caring for parents is the only way that children can show appreciation for being brought up.


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