Organizational communications concepts and theories

For this project, you will analyze how organizational communications concepts and theories are active
within a community organization.
You will need to offer personal experience AND/OR specific examples provided from participant
interviews to support the activity of organizational communication concepts and theories within the
selected organization.
Write an analysis paper in APA format, 6-8 body pages, double-spaced. It should include the
following clearly marked sections:
a) Introduction of the concepts/theories you will analyze in through the campus/community
organization. Ensure that you include a clear thesis statement that guides the entirety of your
b) Background of the organization at-large and specifically within the context of the community for which your organization serves.
c) Outline of the three organizational communication perspectives, concepts, and theories (e.g.,
the machine metaphor from the classical management perspective) you will address in your
paper (no more than three).
d) Application of the perspective/concept/theories to the organization: focus on developing 3 keys
applications: be sure to provide specific examples from your experience and research to justify
your claims.
e) Conclusion: summarize your analysis, the relevant organizational communication
perspective/concept, and applications identified.
Your analysis paper should contain a minimum of 5 credible references. Please be sure to cite ALL your
references correctly (in-text citations & reference page); simply listing them at the end will NOT count.
Also, be sure to cite your references in the style of the American Psychological Association (APA