Protagonist experiences in the film! 



Remember you need to Provide a conclusion that follows from and reflects on what the protagonist experiences in the film!

Fill in the plot diagram below based on the trailer of “honour”:

introduction Rising action climax Falling action resolution

What lesson(s) can be concluded from the sequence of events above?

Which moment from the plot chart above made either Leo or sonny learn the lessons you mentioned making them have to become a hero?

(sentence starter) The moment I believe the protagonist had to become a hero is …
Explain why you say this? What about these events makes you believe the character had an experience where they surprised you by becoming the hero of the story?
(Sentence starter) I say this event made me believe the character surprised me by becoming the hero of the story because … 

How do you determine an Unlikely Hero by identifying events of short films?


Exit ticket: After watching the Short Film “Honour” jot down some remaining questions →

Ongoing Questions 

Lingering Questions on the Short Film “Honour” →

How do you identify a coming-of-age experience within short films?

          Big Idea Questions   

What don’t you understand about the

themes presented in this “lecture”?

           Questions of Misunderstanding

What don’t you understand about vocabulary?

or what did you miss when listening?