Read the questions carefully and answer ALL  of them in detail.

Read the questions carefully and answer ALL  of them in detail.

i. )Cesare Beccaria argued that crime could be deterred through punishment that was swift, severe, and certain. Can you think of other strategies that might deter criminal behavior? What has worked at controlling your behavior either in the past or presently?

ii.)If Cesare Beccaria were alive today, what would he say about our modern criminal justice system? Remember, he thought that in order to prevent crime, punishment needed to be swift, severe, and certain.

iii. )According to Cesare Beccaria, crimes are a matter of choice, in which one weighs the pleasure gained from the crime versus the potential pain derived from the punishment. Classical criminologists would argue that almost all crimes can be explained by rational choice. What about burglars, murderers, and drug-induced offenders? How could those crimes be considered rational?

iv. )Compare and contrast the due process model and the crime control model of justice.
v. )When discussing female offenders, students will notice that male and female offenders possess similar characteristics. Both tend to be underemployed, under-educated, youthful, have drug addictions, and come from dysfunctional families. Should theories based on males be used to examine female criminality? Why then do we need to study females separately from males?


vi.)Clearly differentiate between a Hierarchical and a Decentralized approach to control based on Kirchhoff’s law. What advantages/disadvantages do you see to each approach? 

vii, Do you think social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, influences criminal behavior? If so, how?