Recruitment and Selection – Term Project

Recruitment and Selection – Term Project

You are in charge of Recruitment and Selection for a large company based in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Your company is one of the leading and most innovative organizations in its industry segment (you may choose the company and the industry). The President of the organization just received notice that the Director of Sales will be leaving at the end of December, 2021.

As the recruiter, it will be your responsibility to work with the President and the outgoing Director to identify a diverse candidate pool and find a new, experienced Director. You will need to act fast because it will be critical to replace the position before the incumbent leaves, if not sooner.

To start your recruitment project, you will need to develop a recruiting strategy, as well as a selection strategy, that will facilitate a smooth and successful process. In your process, you will need to develop strong recruitment and selection tools to attract and evaluate potential candidates. This may include, but would not be limited to: job analysis, job description and specification, advertising, job ads, interviews, reference checks and/or tests.

Once you have established a process, you will need to execute your recruiting strategy. It will be very important to find someone who has solid experience within this industry or other consumer product industries.

You will be meeting with the President and the outgoing Director. For that meeting, you need to come prepared to communicate and discuss the entire hiring process and timeline, i.e. this report! Management is relying on you to find them a new Director who will have a positive impact on the organization! Remember, your audience knows very little about HR practices, and your report will have to be a step-by-step outline of ALL the activities from start to finish. Your report should cover off any and all possible questions that the President or current Director could ask you about this process! This includes associated costs!


It is understandable that you may not be knowledgeable about this field and industry. It is your approach, your thinking, and your ability to be creative and thorough that will be the most important part of this project. Refer to and utilize the concepts discussed in the textbook! Relevant exhibits and references are welcome. Be thorough and explain your reasoning!

Define and outline the entire hiring process which you will use, i.e. what is the step-by-step process from start to finish? How will you generate a list of necessary competencies? What type of competencies will you look for? Core? Job-specific? For example, how will you move candidates who meet the qualifications through the hiring process? How many applicants do you expect? How many will you interview? Where will the interviews take place, and why?

Develop a recruiting strategy that will outline your recruiting method and the recruitment sources used to identify and recruit prospective candidates. Think about targeted companies, agencies, professional associations, Internet, etc. Discuss internal and external candidates, legal issues, effectiveness of various media, costs, etc. Draft the text of the job ad.

Develop a selection tool with a minimum of five interview questions that will help you screen potential candidates, and your preferred answer/s (point form is acceptable). It is recommended you should a combination of the different types of interview questions (i.e. behavioral). Explain why you chose the particular questions. What other screening methods will you use, or consider using, and why? The questions should be specific to the position and the experience level of the applicants! Not generic, and not basic!!!

Develop an interview process that you will use. What steps will you take to improve the effectiveness of the interviews? Discuss interview techniques, legal considerations, choice of interviewers, location, etc. Based on the information provided to you in the job description, and your personal assessment of the company, industry, and position, what qualities are you looking for in your candidate?



I am looking for evidence that you understand the recruitment and selection process from start to end and have put some effort and original thought into this report.

The length of the report is up to you. Treat this as if I am your employer, and you are a new employee in Human Resources. As your employer, I do not tell you how to make a report, or how long it should be. I expect you to provide a quality report, as part of your job.



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