You are required to form project team members not more 4members to prepare a project NOT LESS THAN 4000 WORDS USING 12 FONT, Times New Roman on any one of the following topics:

  1. Budgeting as an instrument of internal control in a manufacturing organization.
  2. Budgetary and budgetary control as a tool for accountability in Government organization.
  3. Standard Cost Accounting system —–As an aid to management control and planning.
  4. Effective Budgetary control as an instrument organizational survival.
  5. Impact of budgetary control on organizational profitability—-A case study of SamsungElectronics.
  6. The effectiveness of standard costing a control tool for performance evaluation in manufacturing industries—- A case study of GMC motors.


Note:Data used project will be given more preference. In spite of the above topics you can choose your own project’s topic/title but your topics/titles should be related the following concepts:


  • Job costing
  • Cost behavior
  • Process costing
  • Budgeting
  • Flexible budgeting
  • Division evaluation
  • Performance evaluation through Standard Costing.

You are required to submit hard copy of your project. Late submission will be awarded deduction. Therefore, to avoid deduction you are all advised to submit on or before due date.If you don’t want to form team, you may prepare your project alone.

The following points should be written very clearly in your project


  1. Executive Summary
  2.  Introduction (Background of the companies)
  3. Literature Review
  4. Interpretation of your project with the help of data, tables, figures and diagrams like histograms, pie grams etc.
  5. Conclusion
  6. A list of References.
  7. Appendix