Unity Project

Create a prototype application with 3 features using prefabs, unity animations, and change in animation states using the animation controller and connect each of those features to the user interface (mouse / keyboard). This project builds on your previous project (i.e. from sprint 2). Make the project your own (i.e. do not copy exactly what I did or what the online lectures did. You are encouraged to use elements from the class and online lectures as long as you modify them). If you want to use another project please check with me first. Please use the same PDF format from Project 1 and Project 2.

All feature should have an interactive UI element as input (e.g. keyboard keys, buttons, toggles, dropdown, slider…etc), and a visual output.

For the extra credit, it can be any feature (not necessarily with animation) as long as it has input from the user and visible/audible output.

Submission Details:

Submit one PDF file named “IT201_Sprint03_FirstName_LastName.pdf” that contains the following:

1) Text Description of your app in your own words : what does the app do? how does the user use the app? What should the user expect when they interact with the app (e.g. what happens when you click, what happens when you drag, what happens when you press a specific button, slider, dropdown, toggles…etc). Make sure you indicate and itemize which are your new features (e.g. feature #1: animate menu when you press a key , Feature #2 new paint strokes shapes / prefabs, Feature 3: different prefab animations….etc)

2) Link to a WebGL build of your Project in itch.io

In itch.io make sure you update the description and post a thumbnail of your project.

Make sure you publish your project.

3) Link to the unitypackage file of your unity project . Please name the unitypackage file “IT201_Sprint3_FirstName_LastName.unitypackage”, host it on Google Drive, and copy the link.

4) Itemize your features, provide a descriptive title, input, and output

5) User Flow Diagram image embedded in the PDF

How to Earn Points:

Each Feature is worth 30 points . THREE features are needed for this project. Each feature includes:

1) Identify/Itemize the Feature (e.g. Feature #1 : bounce animation, Input…Output…)

2) Add the feature description, and give directions to the user for how to use it (e.g. click to draw)

3) Add corresponding user flow diagrams of that feature

4) Make sure your code works without errors and that feature functions as it’s described.

5) Follow all the directions for requirements